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Jeni Harrison.

1946 - 2013

Started: 05 Jan 2015
Created by: Rebecca Tunstall

A wonderful lady who suffered for many years. Initially diagnosed with breast cancer some 16 years before her death but survived so long despite suffering. She wasn't a quiet lady and once seen never forgotten as the hospice staff could vouch for, but she was a character that people loved and wanted to be around. She was a loving Mum to me and my Brother Simon, a Mother-in-law to Dean and Katie and a much loved Grannie to Lilia (though she never got the opportunity to spend much time with her before her death). I am sure she is watching us all and enjoying seeing us all grow and get stronger. The hospice staff were amazing and so tolerant of a family that were rather difficult to say the least! We miss her so very very much.

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