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Supporting you... Advance care planning and planning for the future.

Talking about death doesn’t hasten it. Conversations can help build a shared understanding of what matters to you most, and what matters to those around you. Plan for any possible difficult decisions that may arise, such as where and how you would like to be cared for towards the end of your life.

A conversation starter might include…

“What matters to me at the end of life is…”

Sharing this “what matters to me” sentence with those around you can be a helpful way to begin open and gentle conversations.

It may help to have very honest conversations with those people who are close to you;

“I don’t want to die yet but if I become so sick I might not survive…”

“I do/do not want to be at home.”

“I want family to be with me/stay away.”

“If a ventilator could save my life I would/wouldn’t want it.”

“I understand that when my heart eventually stops, CPR may not work and I would not want it.”

“Remember I love you. Thank you. I forgive our misunderstandings and hope you do too.”

“Now put the kettle on!”

At St Leonard’s there are professionals experienced in supporting people with Advance Care Planning. We’ve developed an Advance Care Plan guide and template that you can download here.
Planning a funeral can be an upsetting and stressful experience. Many people die without making their preferences clear. Thinking ahead about whether you want to be buried or cremated, about your funeral plan and expenses can help those you leave behind. Planning clearly can help to remove the additional worry of whether the arrangements they make are what you would have wanted.