The St Leonard’s In-patient Unit is a safe and peaceful environment – one where personalised nursing care can be tailored to your needs. All for free, and offered until discharge or end of life.

Patients are admitted to the Hospice for symptom control, respite or end of life care, and are referred to us by a health professional – a hospital doctor or nurse, or a member of a community team such as a district nurse, GP or Macmillan nurse.

Refer a patient to our In-Patient Unit.

As a result of staff absence, we are temporarily reducing the number of admissions to our in-patient unit. Our community teams are available to provide palliative care support and advice. If you have any further questions, a member of the clinical team will be happy to discuss these with you. They can be contacted via our Single Point of Coordination service on 01904 777 770.
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Important information about a Delirium Study currently taking place.

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The In-patient Unit has 12 single rooms with ensuite facilities, and two four-bed bays with bathrooms.

Large windows and french doors let in plenty of light, and give patients access to the outside environment – all rooms have balconies with views of the surrounding countryside, or patios overlooking our beautiful garden courtyard. And all exterior areas are accessible for independently mobile patients and those who need assistance.


For breakfast, patients enjoy a cooked or lighter breakfast. Lunch includes a starter or soup, main course and hot or cold dessert. Evening meals are generally lighter, with a soup or starter and a hot pudding or sweet.

Meal times are flexible to meet individual needs, and we’re always happy to celebrate special milestones, birthdays or anniversaries – whether that’s with a slice of cake, a favourite dish, or a glass of prosecco.


Whilst lockdown restrictions are being eased elsewhere, we will not be making any immediate changes to our current visiting procedures at the Hospice. Screening processes, including lateral flow testing, wearing PPE and social distancing will still be required. Although a large number of our population has received the COVID-19 vaccination, people can still contract the virus without feeling any ill effects and pass it to others. We therefore feel it is important to maintain our current guidelines in order to protect our patients, their families, our staff and the wider community.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

For patients thought to be in the last days of life:

    • Each patient can nominate six named visitors but, due to social distancing measures, only two-three visitors are allowed in the patient’s room at any one time.
    • If necessary, the six visitors can be in the Hospice building at the same time and can take turns to be at the patient’s bedside.
    • The nominated visitors will be supported to have more flexible visiting according to the needs of the patient, this includes overnight.

For patients thought not to be at end of life:

    • Each patient can nominate up to six named visitors and is allocated 3 x two hour visits per day for up to two visitors at a time.

Click here for current information on our visiting policy during COVID-19 restrictions.

Visiting times are restricted to the hours of 10am to 8pm

(unless the patient is in the last days of life).

We do understand how important it is for patients to remain connected with all of their loved ones and our virtual visiting service will facilitate this.

We are able to organise regular Zoom, Facetime or Skype calls. We can also set these up whilst the chosen visitors are visiting, so they can share the experience, or during medical rounds, if the patient wishes. If patients do not have a phone or tablet of their own they can use a Hospice iPad. Please speak to Family Liaison to arrange your virtual visiting plans.

St Leonard’s Hospice is strictly a no smoking site and we do not allow smoking either inside the building or outside in the Hospice grounds. This applies to both patients and their visitors. This policy is explained to all patients as part of our admissions process. Nicotine therapy is available to those requiring it.