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Our stories: Georgia Lang

“I still have the shower cap and every time I see it or hear Tears for Fears I think of her”.
Georgia came to the Hospice on placement in her final year studying nursing. Here she created memories that compelled her to return. Now Deputy Sister in our In-Patient Unit, Georgia shares an earlier experience: “The lady shut herself off, struggling to come to terms with her diagnosis. All she wanted was her favourite meal; that held comforting memories for her. The kitchen staff made it exactly as she remembered. She was delighted. We got the Jacuzzi going, played her favourite music: Tears for Fears. She didn’t want to get her hair wet so I got her shower cap. She put this on and we spent time together I will never forget. On the last day of my placement, her husband came to say goodbye and thanked me for looking after his wife. For him to take the time to do that was so special.”
Georgia enjoyed her placement so much she “didn’t want to leave. It was a fantastic way to end my nurse training.”
Inspired by her beloved Nan, who Georgia aged 11, helped to care for in her final months – Georgia knew she wanted to pursue a career in nursing.
“Every day I am reminded why I wanted to be a nurse. This is not a scary place. I couldn’t recommend it enough. I was tired and close to giving up my nursing career but since I’ve joined the team at St Leonard’s, I haven’t questioned anything. I feel more content with life. For me, it is the perfect fit and a breath of fresh air. I love that I am able to facilitate a good death. When I am here the patients become everything, I forget about everything else.
I want to come back here to die. No ask is too big, all we do is put patients first. For me, it takes it back to proper nursing and the reason I got into nursing in the first place. It feels very personal here, people are really friendly and you have the time to care. It gives comfort to know you’ve done everything possibly can to allow someone to die the way they want.”

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