Peter Ainsworth.

08-11-1959 to 09-02-2023


As some of you will know, my dad Peter was diagnosed with cancer in October 2022 and sadly passed away in February 2023. For the last couple of weeks of his life, my dad was being looked after by the wonderful staff at St. Leonard's Hospice in York. They helped him to manage his pain and kept him as comfortable as possible as his condition worsened, as well as encouraging my mum to take the rest she needed. The nurses, doctors, volunteers and everyone else at St. Leonard's were so friendly and welcoming during such a difficult time, and the facilities were beautifully kept, homely and comfortable for both my dad and visiting family. The care at St. Leonard's is free to use but not free to give, so I have set up this fundraising page to raise money so that other people in a situation similar to my dad's can benefit from the same level of top quality end-of-life care. I'd love it if you could donate to the wonderful St. Leonard's Hospice, who looked after my dad so well in his final weeks.

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Donation by Helen Ainsworth on 22/05/2023 7:38 am

£30 + £7.5 Gift Aid

Donation by Liam Campbell on 04/03/2023 11:31 am


Donation by Mike Brown on on 26/02/2023

£10 + £2.5 Gift Aid

Donation by David Lewis on on 27/02/2023

£5 + £1.25 Gift Aid

In memory of Katy's dad, Peter xx

Donation by Gaynor Newsome on on 27/02/2023

£10 + £2.5 Gift Aid

Donation by James Pollard on 02/03/2023

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Donation by Becky Jamieson on on 25/02/2023

£25 + £6.25 Gift Aid

Donation by Daniel Hughes on on 25/02/2023

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Donation by Joe Wilson on on 27/02/2023

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Donation by Tomas Brownsmith on on 28/02/2023

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Donation by Noel Natera Cordero on on 28/02/2023

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Donation by Nadine Bowen on on 28/02/2023

£5 + £1.25 Gift Aid

Donation by Nathan Nathan on on 28/02/2023


Pete was my husband and yesterday was his funeral. Many friends and family came to say their final farewells. This is the money that was donated at the crematorium or handed to me to give to St. Leonard's. I would like to say thank you to those of Pete’s family and friends who donated so generously. And also thank you to St. Leonard's for looking after both Pete and I so well in his final days.

Donation by Helen Ainsworth on on 28/02/2023


Donation by Jane Proudman on on 25/02/2023

£10 + £2.5 Gift Aid

Sending our thoughts love Emma, Lee and Nathan xx

Donation by Emma Rayner on on 25/02/2023


Donation by Marie Dommett on on 27/02/2023

£50 + £12.5 Gift Aid

Pete was my lovely cousin. We have always shared a special bond having spent a great deal of time together when we were growing up. Uncle Ron and Peter along with My Mum, Dad and I, enjoyed many family holidays together and they were always with us. Mum and Dad also enjoyed a close and special relationship with Pete which was reciprocated. Bernie, Elizabeth Stuart and I have always considered Peter, Helen, Katy and Richard as extended close family and it is them we hold in our hearts at this very difficult time. Peter was a one off, he is irreplaceable and has been taken too soon. I'll miss his voice when ringing me...'Hi Sweetie'...........Good night, God Bless Pete , you can rest now xxxx

Donation by Lynne Logan on on 25/02/2023

£10 + £2.5 Gift Aid

All the best to you and your family Katy, hope you manage to hit your targets, sounds like a great cause

Donation by Andrew Strudwick on 27/02/2023

£100 + £25 Gift Aid

St. Leonard's did an amazing job looking after Dad at the end. He couldn't have been in a better place with warmer, friendlier staff.

Donation by Katy Ainsworth on on 25/02/2023

£10 + £2.5 Gift Aid

Donation by Victoria Lee on on 27/02/2023

£20 + £5 Gift Aid

Donation by Martin Green on 01/03/2023

£50 + £12.5 Gift Aid

Donation by Neil Oliver on on 27/02/2023