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In memory of Jill Waterson.


Please support St Leonard's Hospice in memory of Jill Waterson.


Jill was looked after with such care by the staff at St Leonard's during her final days. They made her feel at home and at ease, and ensured she could say goodbye to those closest to her in comfortable surroundings. Her family are very grateful to the hospice. We hope that others are able to benefit from the same level of care.

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In honour of the Bard of St Mary’s and in memory of Jill Waterson

Donation by Caroline Mallett on 18/12/2023

£500.00 £125.00 Gift Aid

In memory of a lovely sister in law, Jill Waterson, who died last February 2023 and for the wonderful care you gave her during her last days.

Donation by Paul Chesham on 13/09/2023

£25.00 £6.25 Gift Aid

Rest in peace lovely lady

Donation by Mr Richard Bean on 22/08/2023

£20.00 £5.00 Gift Aid

Donation by Mr Joe Oughtred on 11/06/2023

£25.00 £6.25 Gift Aid

In memory of a dear friend - first met nearly 40 years ago and taken away many years too soon.

Donation by Mrs Rosie Eldridge on 08/06/2023

£100.00 £25.00 Gift Aid

Jill was one of our greatest friends whom we miss terribly.

Donation by Mr John Granger on 06/06/2023

£20.00 £5.00 Gift Aid

Jill was a valued and much loved friend.

Donation by Mr Andrew Wilson on 27/05/2023

£25.00 £6.25 Gift Aid

In loving memory of Jill Waterson

Donation by Mr Martin Johnson on 26/05/2023


Donation by Mr ben sissons on 26/05/2023

£100.00 £25.00 Gift Aid

A wonderful lady who made a difference for so many people

Donation by Mr David Dickson on 26/05/2023


Donation by Mr Ru & Cristina Smith on 26/05/2023

£50.00 £12.50 Gift Aid

In memory of Jill

Donation by Mrs anya Julius on 26/05/2023


donated with love

Donation by Mrs Ann Key on 22/05/2023


Donation by John Biggar


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Donation by Julia Good


In memory of a friend. Jill Waterson

Donation by Doreen Goodman


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IMO Jill Waterson (member) IPU RIP 28.02.23

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