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Dee Myers.

1957-07-19 - 2023-03-24

My Beloved Dee, my wife for 40 years who left a lasting impression on everyone she spent time with. An avid animal lover she spent her early years breeding, breaking and training racehorses before moving on to the rehoming and rehabillitation of maltreated pets. She loved her garden and the great outfdoors, sadly she was unable to share them with me in the recent past. Having spent 2 visits where the team battled to control her pain, and a 3rd when she spent her final days, I can find no superlatives that can adequately describe the care, compassion and support given to both of us during and after her illness. I would like to extend my grateful thanks to the entire team at St Leonards. Providing this level of support requires tremendous resources, and money can only pay for some of it. I would like to continue to support some fundraising activities so that the team can go on being the team they are.

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Donation by Mr Edward Lim on 20/03/2024

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From Liz & Richard Ibrahim, Tony & Margaret Myers<br /> In fond memory of Dee Myers who will be much missed by family and friends

Donation by Ian Myers on 11/04/2023

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Neighbour for many years

Donation by Mr Gary Hebden on 09/04/2023

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Donation by Mr Pankaj Pawar on 06/04/2023

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Ian has told us of the hard work and support he has received from the hospice during a very difficult time. I hope this small amount goes to helping others get support when they need it most.

Donation by Mr Brendan Martin on 06/04/2023

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Donation by Ian Myers on 03/04/2023