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David Forrest.

1937 - 27.05.2020

Started: 27 Feb 2021
Created by: Wendy Wem

Our super dad, Dave or Grumps to his grandchildren, was a free spirit who loved the great outdoors and lived life to the full. He lived a busy life and age did not stop him or slow him down. He always had a plan in place for his next adventure.

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Donation by Mr David Wem on 21/10/2021

£45.00 £11.25 Gift Aid

Paying our respects to a friend and neighbour

Donation by Mr John Maggs on 04/09/2021

£75.00 £18.75 Gift Aid

Donation by Mrs Rachel Beattie on 04/09/2021


Donation provided with love from your cousin Dorothy (Costello).

Donation by Wendy Wem


With love from Joyce & Derek - St Leonard’s do a fantastic job just at a time when it’s most needed.

Donation by David Wem


Thank you for looking after Dad - we have nothing but praise for the work that you do!

Donation by Wendy Wem


Thank you for looking after Pops for us. The work you do is amazing and we will be forever grateful to you. xx

Donation by Alison Bone