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Terry Brett's Fundraising Page.


Created Jul 13

selling the book 'Good Rabbits Gone' - cartoons of inspiring celebrities who passed away between 2016 and 2019, by Terry Brett , (pen name Bertt deBaldock). A copy of the draft for the book was sent to the fundraising team three weeks ago. 200 books will be printed at first and sold for £10 donation at Pyramid Gallery. Pyramid Gallery is funding the production costs (£450 to print). All monies paid will be passed over to St Leonard's.


<h2>Story</h2> I started drawing celebs as a cartoon rabbit in January 2016 and posting the cartoons on twitter and facebook. Many people have asked me to produce reproductions of the pictures. I have made them into a book and printed 25 copies to test reactions, which have been very appreciative and encouraging. I want people to share the book, but do not want to receive money for it, instead want people tpo pay, but the money to go to charity

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