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Nick's Camping Family - Hadrian's Wall Walk.


2024-03-18 20:26:29

24th May - 30th May 2024 - Camping and Walking Hadrian's Wall.


Nick was not just a friend, but he was a part of our 'Camping Family'. Nick was full of fun and enjoyed the big outdoors, canoeing, wild swimming in the North sea, hiking, infact he was up for anything. He took pride in his camping set-up, you could hear him before you saw him, as his Subaru Estate filled to the brim with all his camping equipment including a roof-top box would roar as he came on site, he even got told off by the local farmer on one occasion, for being too loud!! He later upgraded to a camper van, which meant he no longer had to pitch a tent, he still helped out. Attending one festival, Andrew Smith's poor choice of pitch resulted in having to move all the tents, Nick was there moving the tents to a better spot, he could have easily sat with a beer and just watched. We are so lucky to have experienced so many trips and festivals with Nick, we will forever remember speaker wars and all occasion beers - so in your honour our great friend, we - Garrie Carruthers, Hazell Carruthers, Anita McDonald, Andrew Smith, Dan Ryan, Holly Prince, Andrew Ryan and Michelle Smith along with the kids with be setting up camp in two locations and walking for 6 days the length of Hadrians Wall. We are on a mission to get those cuddle beds!

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