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Adrienne Smith The Great North Run.


I am doing the Great North Run on Sunday 11th September 2022 to raise money for St Leonard’s Hospice. Helping people with life limiting illnesses and end of life care is something very close to my heart. I want to be a part of such a special organisation that help to enrich the lives of those in need of care whilst helping support their families come to terms with losing a loved one. In 2014 I received the worst news of my life. My mum and best friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The following eighteen months showed me just how strong and courageous she was, fighting every day and taking whatever treatment was offered, even though it made her sometimes feel worse, just to prolong her life so that she had those extra months, weeks, days, hours to spend with her family. From the words of the Ed Sheeran song Supermarket Flowers, God really did say hallelujah you’re home when he took her back. She was an angel in the shape of my mum and I was lucky and privileged and proud to have her. My mum was holding my hand when I took my first steps, I was holding hers when she took her last breath and she will be holding my hand as I cross the finish line. I want to raise money for St Leonard’s Hospice because I want to make a difference to the lives of those with life limiting illnesses and for the families who care for them. I am running for my mum, I am running for St Leonard’s Hospice and I am running for everyone who has lost someone they love. If you can afford to please help by sponsoring me to do the Great North Run for such a worthy cause. Together we really can make a difference.

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Well Done Ady ! Love Ruth and David x

Donation by Mrs Ruth Edwards on 01/10/2022

£10.00 £2.50 Gift Aid

Because I am very proud of my friend Adrienne

Donation by Miss JILL TRUBY on 15/09/2022


Donation by Miss Rachel Waldock on 15/09/2022

£10.00 £2.50 Gift Aid

Donation by Mrs Michelle Swift on 13/09/2022

£10.00 £2.50 Gift Aid

Donation by Mr Aidan Richardson on 10/09/2022

£10.00 £2.50 Gift Aid

To support Adrienne to raise money for a great cause

Donation by Mrs Susan Penistone on 09/09/2022

£10.00 £2.50 Gift Aid

Donation by Mr Jon Clover on 02/09/2022

£10.00 £2.50 Gift Aid

Good luck Ady lots of love Nicky & Kev

Donation by Mrs Nicola Nee on 01/09/2022

£100.00 £25.00 Gift Aid

See you at the finish line Steve x

Donation by Mr Steve Curry on 11/08/2022

£10.00 £2.50 Gift Aid

Good Luck Ady xxx

Donation by Mrs Tamara Fox on 19/07/2022


Donation by Mr Richard Walker on 17/07/2022

£30.00 £7.50 Gift Aid

Good luck. Try not to get too competitive!

Donation by Mr Chris Neal on 23/06/2022

£10.00 £2.50 Gift Aid

Well done for supporting a great cause Adrienne, Good luck

Donation by Mrs Sandra Price on 25/05/2022

£10.00 £2.50 Gift Aid

Such a worthy cause Ady and I know you'll smash it.

Donation by Mrs Jeanne Woolford on 13/05/2022

£10.00 £2.50 Gift Aid

Donation by Mr James Eastwood on 09/05/2022


Donation by Mrs ALYSON AUSTIN on 30/03/2022

£10.00 £2.50 Gift Aid

Good Luck Ady 🏃‍♀️

Donation by Miss Sophie Spooner on 28/03/2022

£10.00 £2.50 Gift Aid

Fantastic challenge, well done for taking it on.

Donation by Mrs Helen Holland on 21/03/2022

£10.00 £2.50 Gift Aid

Donation by Miss Helen Carter on 21/03/2022

£10.00 £2.50 Gift Aid

To support Adrienne and her run and personal experience of cancer diagnosis.

Donation by Mrs Maggie Davis on 20/03/2022



Donation by Mrs Heidi Carr on 20/03/2022

£10.00 £2.50 Gift Aid

Donation by Miss Vanessa Henley on 18/03/2022

£10.00 £2.50 Gift Aid

Good luck Adrienne x

Donation by Mrs Sarah Thompson on 18/03/2022

£10.00 £2.50 Gift Aid

Good luck adi Love Adam Laura & Bertie 🧡 xxx

Donation by Mr Adam Winstanley on 17/03/2022

£20.00 £5.00 Gift Aid

Help st leonards

Donation by Mrs Patricia Park on 16/03/2022

£10.00 £2.50 Gift Aid

Donation by Ms Gabrielle Brindley on 15/03/2022

£30.00 £7.50 Gift Aid

Great cause

Donation by Mr David sanderson on 15/03/2022


Good Luck Ady, You Will Smash It! 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️Love Jake x❤️X

Donation by Mr Jake Carr on 14/03/2022

£50.00 £12.50 Gift Aid

Donation by Mr Paul Curry on 14/03/2022

£30.00 £7.50 Gift Aid

Donation by Mr Andrew Breckons on 14/03/2022

£20.00 £5.00 Gift Aid

Supporting a friend and supporting the charity she has chosen.

Donation by Mrs Alice Hornostaj on 14/03/2022