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Graham Harper.

1945 - 2014

Started: 30 Jul 2014
Created by: Paul Alderson

Graham lived with Cardiomyopathy for over 20 years, during that time he enjoyed life, working for himself, being Chairman of Malton Motor Club as well as running rallies and events and competing as a co-driver too! Graham was a quiet man, who touched many in his life, he was always helping someone out or giving advice, and it was always worth taking. In 2013 he became progressively sicker, and suffered a stroke at the end of the year, once out of hospital in 2014 Graham would attend the Day Care centre at St Leonard's, which he loved! He painted pictures, played dominoes and even printed a silk scarf! However in July 2014 Graham went into Renal Failure and End Stage Heart Failure, and the St Leonard's Hospice@Home stepped in to make sure he was comfortable in his final days. Graham was able to die peacefully at home, surrounded by his family and pain free, thanks to St Leonard's Hospice – we all deserve the right to do this, when our time comes, so please give generously as you never know what lies ahead and when you might need an amazing service like this.

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£40 with thanks to Carole Davidson. All the best for Sunday Paul! Have a great day.

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