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Caro Heyworth.

1956 - 2015

Started: 12 Aug 2015
Created by: Michelle OShea

Caro; a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, all of this yes but overwhelmingly her own inimitable self. Her cancer diagnosis all those years ago shook her to her core and made her determined to be the best person she could possibly be for as long as she possibly could. Caro was passionate about so many things, her faith, living history, genealogy, music, literature and poetry, and nature from wild landscapes to back garden newts. Caro was kind and a joy to be with, with the "warmth of her embrace and the width of her smile" she brought life and light along with her wit and wisdom, she was a little bonkers and immense fun, Caro was also infuriatingly difficult to get moving to any kind of timetable, herding cats is the phrase that springs to mind. No friendship was too new to matter and Caro had a huge heart and a gift for making people feel special, supported, encouraged and loved, and she willingly shared parts of her life experience in order to help her friends through the harder times of theirs. Caro LIVED life, every last minute was there to be used and cherished and even through difficult times she lived with grace and humour. Caro has touched so many of our lives, made so many people glad to have known her and the world has been a better and more beautiful place for having her in it, she will be both sorely missed and fondly remembered. She left a lasting impression wherever she went and Caro was and will remain a huge inspiration to us all.

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