Paula James.

1977 - 2018

Started: 11 Mar 2018
Created by: James Xuan

Paula James born Harlow Essex 1977 and lived in Clovelly, Bideford, North Devon and Epping, London, before finally settling in Yorkshire.  Cherished by her husband Jay and her dog Kai a Siberian Husky. Paula worked in finance as a PA as well as a history of working back stage on Cirque du Soleil and for hobbies she enjoyed making corsets and chainmail jewellery.   Multiple Sclerosis progressed rapidly depriving her identity , speech and independence.  She had a bright bubbly personality that was infectious with everyone around, she was kind generous and funny. She always saw the bright side of life and never complained despite her poor health. She had an inner strength that loved life to full.  Paula was much loved by everyone and will be forever in our hearts. To quote the film Blade Runner "The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you have burned so very very brightly"

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