Make a Will Month 2021

Our popular Make a Will Month is back this October, giving you the chance to have your Will written in exchange for a donation to St Leonard’s Hospice.

Making a Will is not something we like to think about but, once it’s done, it gives you peace of mind knowing that your family, friends and causes close to your heart are looked after in the way that you want.

Do two good things this October…

Make a Will and support St Leonard’s Hospice

Follow these four simple steps to take part

Step 1: Choose a solicitor from this list and call them to make an appointment in October.

Step 2: Get everything ready. List your assets (property, possessions and money) and the people and organisations you’d like to remember in your Will.

Step 3: Have your Will written by the participating solicitor of your choice and complete the donation form that your solicitor will provide.

Step 4: Relax safe in the knowledge that you have put your affairs in order for you and your family.

This offer applies to standard Wills, mirror Wills and codicils (a supplement making a change or addition to an existing Will) only. If your Will is not standard, your solicitor will advise you and agree a fee with you before proceeding.
Please note this is not a free Wills scheme and a donation must be made in exchange for a Will being written by one of the participating solicitors. A standard Will usually costs around £150 + VAT. The suggested donations for our Make a Will Month are £90 for a single Will, £180 for a joint Will and £60 for a codicil.

Why not explore the stories of people who have left a gift to St Leonard’s in their Will?

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