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Created October 2020

Alan's Head Shave January 2021 Update: It's now clear that the head shave will not be going ahead as hoped this month due to the restrictions. Will update as soon as we have more details. In the meantime, it just keeps growing!!!!! Thank you all again for the wonderful donations already received. Alan has donated to St Leonard's Hospice every month for the last several years. He thought it only fitting that he again chose them to donate any proceeds from his hair/beard shave. In the early stages of lockdown he decided he wasn't going to shave or have a hair cut until lockdown finished. When it did come to an end he made up his mind to go a bit longer and decided to go until January 2021 and try to raise a few pounds in the process. He visited his close friend when he was in the hospice - so close that he regarded him as his brother. He was comforted to know how well he was taken care of, as are a great many others. We give our thanks to the whole care system - there are so many parts to it - and we never know who we will need ourselves in the coming years.

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Keep growing it pal it's knocking years off you


Well done Alan (& Wendy) - a brilliant idea. Looking forward to January when Alan will have less hair than me!!


Looking good there Alan 🎅🎅Fantastic cause Xx


Get yourself a good wooly hat in advance Alan, your going to feel the cold after shaving that mane!


More than happy to support such a good cause and effort


What a good cause. You might want to keep it on a little longer looking at the weather forecast! Elaine and Trevor